Li-Ion Battery Packs

Model 2x8S3P

Model 2x24S1P



3,420 g


7.04” x 6.00” x 3.00”


440 WHr

Demonstrated Cycle Life (Average Discharge Energy of 1.3 MJ per cycle)

1,500 cycles nominal to 80% capacity


Battery Voltage Sense Temperature Sense, x2 Battery Heaters, x2


14 V, 28 V, 168 V (nominal)

Maximum Use Temperature/Minimum Use Temperature

65 °C / 0 °C

Power Connectors

Flight Rated D-SUB for low voltage configurations.

Anderson Connectors for high voltage configurations.

Control/Telemetry Connector 

Flight Rated D-SUB

EPL offers several Li-Ion battery packs. Sizes include 440 WHr and 220 WHr with other energy capacities available upon request. Nominal voltage choices currently comprise 14 V, 28 V, and 168 V. EPL can custom manufacture other voltage configurations. All packs are fully qualified for space use.

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